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Improve the security of your website with SSL certificates

Improve the security of your website with SSL  Certificates

In this article, we will detail the advantages of installing SSL certificates on our website or online store. Initially, Internet security certificates were associated with pages in which critical processes were carried out, such as online payments or filling in lengthy forms in which the user had to provide sensitive or confidential information. With the change in regulation on the protection of personal data and the awareness of website owners of the importance of protecting user data, the use of certificates has become widespread on all types of pages. Having an SSL certificate on our website allows us to encrypt the communications that are made between the user and the page, which provides added confidence and security to the visitor,

But what exactly are SSL certificates?

As we have just explained, SSL or Secure Sockets Layer certificates allow the communication between a user and a website to be encrypted so that the exchange of data occurs with greater security. Using this type of encryption will enable us to benefit from all the advantages offered by the HTTPS protocol.o Hypertext Secure Transport Protocol is much more appropriate than the classic HTTP when it comes to exchanging sensitive information such as personal data. The vast majority of web pages request information from the user by filling in forms, registering, and accessing private areas through passwords. With which having certificates of this nature can become a critical point to gain the trust of people who visit our website and reduce their resistance to requesting information, buying a product, or hiring a service.

Installation of SSL certificates on the website.

Although installing SSL certificates is not an excessively complex process, it is true that it requires technical knowledge and that it can become a bit cumbersome for people who are not familiar with server management or the operation of generation of URLs made by our website. It is essential to bear in mind that when installing an SSL certificate on our page, we will have to face two types of costs: the cost of the certificate itself and the installation cost in case we want someone to help us during the process of configuration. There is a wide variety of certificates on the Internet, some of which have no cost, so we could avoid incurring this expense. However, if we are not sure of the steps, we must take when installing the certificate,

We help you with the configuration of SSL certificates for your website.

At Encyphers, we have the technical knowledge necessary to install and configure this type of certificate on many pages, whether they are made with HTML or some kind of CMS has been used, such as WordPress… We recommend that they be installed on the pages of all types of companies regardless of size or sector. Not only for the security it transmits to the user and the confidence it gives them when filling in a form or providing their data by any other means but also because of the image-level importance of having this type of certificate installed on our page. The fact of not currently having them causes that when the web is loaded, dissuasive messages appear in the browser’s address bar, such as “unsafe site” in Google Chrome with the icon of a padlock or in the case of Firefox, the hero of the padlock directly strikethrough. Microsoft Edge also warns the user with messages such as “be careful here, the connection to this website is not encrypted. This makes it easier for someone to steal confidential information, such as passwords. “Although it is true initially these messages, in which the browser advised not to enter information on the website, appeared only on the pages where there were forms; currently they appear on all the pages of the website regardless of whether data is being requested to the user or not.

Suppose you use your page to attract customers and you are interested in having a professional image, ensuring that the privacy of the data that users provide through your website will not be violated or intercepted. In that case, we recommend that you install certificates without further delay SSL. You can contact us and request information without any commitment. On our part, you will receive personalized and professional attention, technical advice on the best type of certificate to install as well as the cost and time required to implement it on your website. Do not hesitate, contact us; you will see how you will be surprised how easy it is to work with Encyphers.

We are focusing on the challenges for our customers and the need to provide excellent IT solutions and services to maintain long-term relationships through outstanding flexibility. Encyphers vision is to excel in achieving the dreams and aspirations of their customers and make them a reality.

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