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SEO Audit

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Comprehensive SEO audit is the fastest, most efficient way to determine why your website is not as high as it should be. Our SEO auditing services are 100% transparent and analyze your site's website, on-page, and off-site SEO. Scroll down for more details or contact us for a custom suggestion!

SEO Audit

SEO Audit

Aren't you the # 1 in search results? Get Answers Through SEO Audit Services

Having trouble rating in the major search engines, and are not sure why? Encyphers, the leader in search engine optimization, has provided SEO auditing services. We can analyze your site and create a useful strategy to help you increase your online visibility.

Our SEO auditing process includes: 

Complete analysis of the strength of your website and the determination of the SEO strategy

Identify both on-page and off-page items that affect search locations

Complete SEO audit report, including competitive scorecard, backlink report, and future site strategy

How our SEO auditing tools work

Our SEO website auditing services start with a complete analysis of your website (and your website statistics) to determine what action is needed to make better use of search engines.

Based on this analysis, Encyphers provides recommendations for improving your website to improve your search engine rankings.

These recommendations may include, but are not limited to:


  • Duplicate content
  • Broken links
  • Hanging links
  • Same title tags
  • Duplicate meta descriptions
  • Web copy editing
  • HTML validation
  • Browser compatibility with resolution
  • Page loading times
  • Site statistics
  • Error pages
SEO Audit Services
Having trouble rating in the major search engines, and are not sure why? Encyphers, the leader in search engine optimization, has provided SEO auditing services. We can analyze your site and create a useful strategy to help you increase your online visibility.

Our SEO auditing process includes: 

All of this is included in both our external SEO and page search.

The things listed above are just some of the many things Encyphers will deal with as part of your SEO auditing package. Each of these factors contributes to the search engine optimization and, more important, search results of your site.

Our full SEO analysis will show us exactly where you can improve so that you can start ranking better on search engines.

SEO Analysis Report

How long do SEO auditing services take?

Our comprehensive SEO auditing service takes 30 days with a basic plan and 45 days with a market leader option. During this time, Encyphers will analyze and evaluate your website through our SEO auditing services to determine the best way forward and give you advice on what you should change to make your site perform better in live search.

After that, we’ll show you our SEO audit report to see which areas might be better with the details.

The duration of an SEO audit project is about one month.

We've designed our SEO site auditing tools for clients who have trouble measuring targeted keywords, but are not sure why. You may suspect that your site is slow, but you cannot guarantee it. Maybe you think there is a problem with duplication of content, but you do not have the tools available for auditing. That's where we come in.

Encyphers SEO auditing programs include investigating all possible features, from key page features such as title tags to complete site maps. We'll review your site and determine where your marketing strategy can improve - and how you can improve it.

We recommend SEO research for anyone who has a rating problem and needs solid, practical advice on what to do next. An SEO auditing package can also help businesses that have just started a website and want to know how to improve their first pages.

Without your need, SEO auditing is the first step in creating an effective online marketing strategy.

At Encyphers, our agency specializes in a number of sensitive SEO areas, from traditional to local to ecommerce. That makes it easier for our team (and yours) to evaluate your SEO strategy and find opportunities.

Why are you investing in an SEO auditing package?

Rank On Google

SEO Auditing: The content on the page that affects your SEO

What’s the point of having an attractive website if no one has ever seen it? We have seen many customers with beautiful, attractive, and well-designed websites that can be ranked in search engines, and they do not understand why. Why does a website not come well when it is attractive and has a lot to offer?

Often, the problem in these cases is content in some way.

This may mean more content per page (“less content”), similar or missing title tags and meta descriptions, or multiple URLs pointing to the same page (“duplicate content”).

Encyphers will identify these standard barriers on the page and recommend the necessary changes to our SEO auditing services. Identifying and correcting the features on the page can have a significant, immediate and positive impact on your levels.

Some features that affect your search engine rankings are called off-page items. Off-page features make up about 80% of the search engine algorithms level, making accurate off-page analysis very critical. These features are mainly based on links - the number of links you have, the anchor text used, and where these links are located.

The average web visitor cannot see these features that are not on the page, and it is difficult to see them in person. Fortunately, at Encyphers, we have many resources that allow for analysis and comparison off-page. Encyphers will identify these complex features and suggest a strategy that helps you build your reputation and increase your online presence.

SEO Auditing: Off-page things that affect your SEO

The SEO test from Encyphers includes the following

There are several files on your server - such as .htaccess, robots.txt and sitemap.xml to name a few - that determine how search engines access and index your content. Upgrading these files, in order to set them up properly, can have a profound effect on your ratings.

SEO Auditing: Server files affect your SEO

The .htaccess file is a distributed configuration file. This file allows you to specify and apply configuration instructions for your site. This file allows you to stream images of how users and search engines are redirected to specific pages on your site, set up custom error pages and apply 301 redirects.


The robots.txt file located at the root of the website prevents web spiders from accessing certain folders on your website. It is important to follow a specific format when preparing this file. This file is usually used for subtitles for your website theme or folders that provide robotic endings, such as PDF files.


The creation, configuration and distribution of sitemap.xml file enables search engine spiders to better crawl your site. It also helps visitors to quickly scan your entire site for relevant information. This file provides a link and a brief description of that link for each page of your site, prioritizing each page and providing the category of the most important pages on your site to the most important pages on your site.

Additional server settings such as HTTP precision headers, 404 accurate error pages and page loading times also affect your search engine traffic. Encyphers will identify and determine the best way to enhance these files to ensure the best results.

Additional Server Configuration Items

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