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Programmatic Advertising Services

Programmatic Advertising Services | Self Serve Programmatic Advertising | Programmatic Media Buying Agency | Programmatic Advertising Services


We're a best-in-class programmatic advertising agency that was built and refined by continuously delivering the highest quality creative for clients and staying up-to-date with evolving trends in digital media. Our team of experts focus on carrying out sophisticated digital media campaigns while partnering with leading programmatic buying technologies to help deliver consistent brand experiences throughout the customer journey. If you need to get your brand out there or increase in-store sales, we can help you get your message across elegantly through customizable creative solutions.

Programmatic Advertising Services

Programmatic Advertising Services

Our Programmatic Strategy

Find, engage, and convert your target audience all throughout the funnel with experiences tailored to their interests. These experiences start by understanding your audience’s end goal (funnel) through personalized messaging.

Full-funnel & Audience-first

Expand campaign volume to better understand what's generating results—and then keep doing it.


Eliminate fraudulent inventory across all mediums and empower your team with the training they need in order to develop their very own internal fraud prevention strategies.

Fraud Monitoring & Prevention

Our programmatic advertising services include:

Encyphers knows that not every business is the same, so we take the time to sit down and discuss your campaign with our team of experts to see what would be best for your company. Our online ad experts will work hard to create a unique ad strategy based on your goals and budget.

Campaign development and strategy

We can help you stay in budget while still successfully reaching your target audience. Our president Rob Long said, “There are so many options when it comes to advertising these days. But, at The Social Idea Agency, we think of targeting broadly because it’s the perfect way to get the most bangs for your buck. We also have plans that are specifically tailored towards small businesses or large corporations." Custom ad targeting include Demographics, Age, Gender, Behavior and more.

Custom ad targeting

We know how important it is to catch your audience’s attention. That’s why we design clickable ads that compel people to act. Our ad formats are incredibly eye-catching and responsive to various browser sizes, letting you get the most ROI for your campaign budget.

Creation of ad creative

We’ll help keep a watchful eye on the performance of your programmatic ads and make needed adjustments as time goes on. You won’t have to lift a finger because we know how valuable your time is as an owner of a company involved in e-commerce.

Google analytics integration and goal tracking

We believe in our customers and we want them to get (get more) everything they want or even need (to be fulfilled). That's why we included remarketing options into our Market Leader and Trailblazer plans.

Remarketing strategy and implementation

Working with WebFX is like working with an agency in that we will handle all the logistics and ad management for you with campaign performance reports and data analyses. You’ll be paired with a dedicated account manager who will consult you on how best to utilize your paid media budget with Facebook ads, Google Ads, and other online media outlets.

Industry-leading expertise

We also offer multivariate testing in order to improve ecommerce landing pages and cart/checkout processes. By running tests regularly, you will be able to make sure your prospective users don’t get distracted or lost during the critical shopping process

Strategic ad testing

Programmatic Advertising Services Banifits

Programmatic Ad Technology

Demand-side platforms (DSPs):  We can help you buy ad space through an ad exchange like Google Ad Manager, which includes advertising inventory from publishers.

Supply-side platforms (SSPs): Supply-side platforms (SSPs) are the intermediaries between the publishers and advertisers. They help publishers to sell ad space on their websites via online advertising exchanges. Publishers post their ad inventory, where it is shown to potential buyers, who can then purchase it through an automated process.
Data Management Platforms (DMP): Data Management Platforms are centralized platforms that allow marketers to store, manage, and analyze data collected from different digital channels. DMPs are used in digital marketing to collect user information for retargeting campaigns, measuring ad performance, and creating audiences for programmatic advertising.

Step-by-step programmatic ad process: With a basic understanding of organized ad technology under your belt, let’s explain how system ads work.

  1. The user gets to the website involved with scheduled advertising, which triggers the default ad process to start.
  2. The site publisher automatically sends the size of the ad space to the supply-side (SSP) field.
  3. SSP analyzes user cookies to get as much information as possible about demographics, interests, and more in order to deliver relevant ads.
  4. The coordinating demand-side platform (DSP) reviews the information collected by SSP and assigns the user the value – the value of the user ad.
  5. DSP transfers bid to SSP using real-time bidding.
  6. SSP reviews all bids and selects the winner. Note: The actual price you pay will depend on the auction, but you will never exceed your maximum bid.
  7. SSP delivers ad to user.
  8. Remember, although this process seems complicated, everything is automatic and happens in milliseconds, unless the site visitor knows what is going on behind the scenes.

Programmatic Ads Platforms

  • Google Display Network 360
  • Video Display 360
  • Dataxu
  • Stack Adapt
  • Adswizz
  • Zeta
  • Shopify
  • Pandora
  • Amazon Display
  • Digital TV (Hulu, etc.)
  • And more!

Benefits of programmatic ad services

Encyphers provides a single interface for all digital marketing and programmatic advertising needs, including ad creation, campaign management and real time data insights. From one place, you can create and execute campaigns across channels such as Facebook, Google Adwords and retargeting to generate more leads.

Greater ad control helps you reach qualified leads

Programmatic advertising uses data to sell and deliver ads online. It is a way of buying and selling digital ad space in real time and at scale, and it’s the future of marketing. By using programmatic technology, we can serve your ads to the right people who will enjoy them — whether that means saving money by reaching only the right audience or creating ads tailored to their unique needs and interests.

Extra precision saves money and drives growth

Since Encyphers is a programmatic advertising company, you'll benefit from many automated features that will allow you to save time and energy when it comes to managing your ad campaigns. One of the best things about using the programmatic service here at FF is that we continually monitor your advertisements' success and develop solutions in terms of how your ads are performing in relation to a conversion rate in a given time frame.

Streamlined ad buying saves you time

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