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Site Speed Optimization Services

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Struggling to get your website loading quickly? We can help you fix that! We will work on improving your site's load time, as well as aim to get you a higher score with GT Metrix and other relevant speed testing tools. We will optimize your images, enable caching, minify files, enable site compression and recommend blazing fast hosting.

Site Speed Optimization Services

Site Speed Optimization Services

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Want to increase the usability of your site and run it faster? Do you want to increase the heat on your website? Encyphers can help with that. Our plans include website speed optimization which will make your website load faster, now wouldn’t that be smashing? You can also see an increase in conversions, revenue year over year with our plans.

Page speed and site speed are very different. Both impact your conversions, user experience, and pageviews, and this summer Google’s making page speed a ranking signal and not site speed (link content), which has been a common practice. Here we can examine how we can improve our site performance – helping to increase organic rankings – with both page speeds and sites speeds – with their respective characteristics in mind.

The difference between page speed and site speed

Page speed is the name given to how quickly your website loads, whilst site speed relates to all of your site content (including images and code). The faster your page loads, the better user experience you'll provide. That means more users will be able to navigate your site, find what they want and get in contact with you.

Page Speed

Site speed is the speed at which your site loads as users go through it. Site speed is the one thing that matters most on the Internet. If your site loads fast, people will love you and come back for more. If it doesn't, they'll hit the back button and never return. We help sites load fast so they can win on the web.

Site Speed

website speed optimization services

Why are website speed optimization services important to website success?

Simple! It is your visitors want, and what Search Engines want. Google wants to serve users with the best results for their queries and website owners with optimized sites that help satisfy those needs. Successful SEO means picking keywords related to your product as well as optimizing content so as not to overwhelm users by making it readable and navigable.

Adding an image to the header not only helps enhance your site’s design — it also boosts SEO. Google wants to display sites with quality content and images help improve the overall user experience . In fact, when a search is performed in Google images, thumbnail previews are shown instead of a relevant page of text.

When your site loads slowly, users have a tendency to become frustrated and leave for a more user-friendly page. In turn, research suggests that Google may view you as a less trustworthy company with an inferior product if this happens. That’s because Google gives preference to sites that earn its highest performance ratings from its PageSpeed Tools application.

Website speed can keep people from visiting your site in the first place, which mean they won’t learn about your business or see your products and services or read any of your informative or beneficial content. Most of all they won’t convert into leads or sales because you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.

In January of 2018, Google had announced its Speed Update which also includes mobile internet speed as a ranking factor. This has lead to seeing instances where both desktop and mobile rankings can change because of site speed - which I'm sure we can all agree is not good news for business owners!

Is Mobile Involved

4 Factors that contribute to slow load time

There are a number of factors that can contribute to slow loading including:

One surefire way to ensure that your pages are slow is to have a sloppy HTML code on the back of your site.

HTML code is what tells your page what it looks like when users view it on your website. The code is made up of all kinds of tags that tell the page how it works and what it does.

Each page on your website will have a code page, and the bigger your website, the more complex your code will be. This is where making it easy for your code to mix and match. In order to keep your pages loading quickly, it is important to make sure there are no extra tags and that everything is properly aligned. If not, it will take a long time for the server to read the code - resulting in a slow loading site.

1. Casual HTML coding

Posting images on your site is important for providing good user experience. If you provide an entire page of information, for example, it is important to separate all that information with other images, graphics, or video to ensure that the reader does not get bored.

However, all the tools and whistles you can add to your site pages depending on the images and videos can measure your site and cause it to load less. Large, high-resolution images are one of the major causes of slow page loading. So how do you make sure your site provides good user experience with images while saving time for page loading? Customize your graphics! Consider using a tool like Kraken.io to shorten your image files to make them smaller. It will not change the visual size of the image but reduce the file size so that it does not take longer to upload to your website.

2. Large, unprocessed graphics

Redirect occurs when you want to replace all links in an old webpage with new references. Redirecting is pieces of code embedded within your .htaccess file on the server, and you can create as many as you need when replacing old pages on your site.

However, if you have tons of redirects on the same page, your site takes the time to refer to the .htaccess file to find a new location where the link points. This is similar to double loading links on your page, which increases page load time.

3. The redirect is too much

One of the easiest things to understand - if your server is far away, it will take a long time for your website to load. Having said that, it is important to be aware of where your server is. For example, if your business is based in the United States, do not choose a server in China. With regard to server performance, you want to ensure that you have a high quality website hosting service. Here's how it works:

4. Server location and performance

  • A user types your URL into their search bar, or you visit your website in a search engine like Google.
  • Their browser notifies your server that it is trying to visit your site, and asks for all the information it needs to visit your page.
  • If your server is up to standard, information will come quickly
  • Your server level drops to share or redistribute:
  • Is the server shared? If so, you are sharing server space with another website and its traffic.
  • Is the server dedicated? If so, you can ensure that you do not share website traffic with another website. If you are a dedicated server, you will have instant loading time.

Tools to help with page speed

Google Search Console (GSC) is a free web service offered by Google to help webmasters and site owners understand the behavior of their visitors. It includes tools for webmasters to review the performance of their website, diagnose technical issues with their websites, find out which pages are not optimized for search engines and much more.

Google Search Console

Pingdom has a plethora of tools designed to help you measure the performance of your website. Pingdom is a web analytics tool that measure and monitors all your websites and other online properties to see how many users visit your site, where they come from, and sometimes even how they feel about your site. Pingdom provides tools for webmasters, digital marketers and web analysts to track and measure web pages and apps. It is a great tool to track your own website, but it's also a great tool for you to track someone else's website -- a potential or current competitor. Pi means to sound or ring. It's a word you use to test if a vehicle, a machine, a device, a network, a piece of software, a cell phone, a doorbell, a microphone, a musical instrument or a person is working.


If your bounce rate is high and your conversion rate is low due to a slow-loading website, Encyphers can help. There are tons of services included in each of our page speed optimization plans, and they can help your website reach its highest potential.

Here are some of the services included in one of our page speed optimization plans:

Does your website need help in the page speed department?

At Encyphers, we believe that you should have a point of contact that sticks with you throughout the length of your campaign. Why? That way, you always know who you’ll be talking to. Your point of contact will know and understand your campaign, and you won’t have to be transferred to three different people to get answered.

We want to be sure that you get the very best service, and to do so, we ensure that you’ll have a point of contact that can answer any questions you may have, update you on your campaign, and so much more.

Dedicated project point of contact

Speed Test Analysis

Project web developers

Website speed optimization is a process – it doesn’t happen overnight. There are a lot of behind-the-scenes projects that go on in order to ensure that your page speed is at its best. To handle the job, we employ web developers to make sure the job is done right.

In order to understand what your site needs to be speedy, we’ll take an audit of your current server configuration. From there, we’ll determine what needs to be improved in order to make your site run faster.

Audit of current server configuration

“If needed” basis

On an “if needed” basis, we can do the following:

  • Website/CSS optimization
  • Combine CSS and Javascript files
  • Gzip compression
  • Caching setup and/or configuration
  • Optimize/reduce number of redirects

And tons more.

Why should you work with Encyphers for your page speed optimization needs? Check out the results we’re typically able to drive for our page speed customers.

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