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7 Factors that generate trust an e -commerce
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That the Internet has changed the way we understand life and act on a day-to-day basis is no secret. More and more people use the Internet on a daily basis and, not only to browse in search of information, but also to go shopping . Yes, and it is that in recent years the online world has taken an important leap forward to finally position itself as the largest shopping center that we can access to buy any type of product or service.

But not all that glitters is gold, far from it, and although it is true that more and more people go to the Internet loosening their hair and leaving all the worries of the past aside, there are still many others that go with Feet of lead and they continue to be suspicious when buying online , especially in those e-Commerce that at first glance do not convey too much confidence. Specifically, 71% of users doubt when buying on the Internet , according to the latest study by Asocciated Press and GFK.

Because we must not forget that an e-Commerce, even if it is online, is still a store like any other . What does this mean? Well, just like when you enter a physical store you like it to be neat, clean and to be treated kindly, the same happens in online stores, where everything counts when it comes to enjoying success.

If you also have an online store, you will already know that gaining the trust of users is not exactly an easy task. If so, we recommend that you take note, because below we are going to show you 7 factors that multiply the trust of an e-Commerce and that you should definitely apply .




It is a fact that Internet users are much more reluctant to buy from an unknown brand than from an already popular one . It is very likely that you have an online shoe store in which a user does not feel completely confident, while that same user in another shoe e-Commerce such as Amazon or Sarenza buy without any type of objection, even if they have to pay more . Why? Well, because both Amazon and Sarenza are popular, they appear on TV and possibly they know someone who has already bought there and has been able to tell them about their experience.

Therefore, to generate trust among users, it is essential that you try to enhance your brand image . The most advisable thing is to support yourself in digital marketing , with the main objective of making yourself known and generating branding among your target audience. The possibilities are endless, so get to work as soon as possible.


The design of your website is one of the most important aspects in order to generate trust or rejection . Think that in some way it will be like the decoration of a conventional store, and it is that the design will depend on the appearance that your e-Commerce shows to the outside , both aesthetically and at the level of accessibility. Because the design will also depend on the way in which your website is structured and therefore, the usability of the users, which, as you already know, is one of the most important aspects of any website.

An image is worth a thousand words, so it is important that you bet on an attractive and well-ordered design that is capable of generating a good first impression on users. If you succeed, earning their trust will be much easier.


It is common to see how many e-Commerce forget the famous page “About Us” , whose importance is much greater than it may seem at first. Keep in mind that it is your cover letter, crucial for those people who do not have all of them with them when buying your products.

It is important that you strive to prepare an attractive page that defines you perfectly and that allows users to know more about you. The more information you offer, the more chances you have to convince. Try to be close and do not hesitate to show your contact information, address, etc. A team photo showing the people behind e-Commerce can also be very positive.


The content and images will be one of the most important parts of your e-Commerce . Remember that on the Internet users cannot ask any clerk or touch the products they want with their hands, so it is important that you tell them in detail and in a close and original way , everything about any product you have for sale , as well as that you include quality images that allow them to visualize the products.

Try to create product sheets with your own content that in an original way is capable of informing users . Do not forget any information, and if you do not see yourself capable, do not hesitate to hire the writing of the contents to a person specialized in copywriting.


Few things are more effective at building trust than user feedback and feedback . It gives great peace of mind to access a website where you plan to buy a product and be able to read different comments and opinions, so do not hesitate to increase its visibility. Of course, put the batteries to try to get them to be positive , since otherwise they can cause a totally opposite effect.


It is true that the above factors are key when it comes to generating trust or distrust, but if something can tip the balance to one side or the other, it is payment . The time to pay is the most complicated and where more users end up abandoning the purchase, so it is essential that you offer a total guarantee to users in the payments made , as well as that you provide them with different forms of payment that meet their needs: bank transfer , credit card, Pay-Pal, cash on delivery …

Offering free shipping costs will also be a differential factor that will allow you to earn many points, as well as provide facilities when making any type of return. It is important that both aspects are perfectly clear and that you explain everything.


The quality seals are having greater importance in e-Commerce each passing day , as they demonstrate to users that your site has passed a series of criteria for that label. To get it you will have to contract with one of the specialized companies that issue it, and later pass an audit that shows that your online store is trustworthy.

You already know, if you have an online store or are thinking of setting it up, do not hesitate to apply and take into account the 7 factors that we have just shown you . Without a doubt they will be of great help to you and will allow you to increase your client portfolio and the most difficult thing, to retain them. Do it and see for yourself.

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