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Project Brief

State Mens Wear, a distinguished barber shop with a burgeoning eCommerce arm, sought to modernize its online presence. Their existing website required a transformation to align with their brand identity while optimizing user experience and increasing conversion rates. Entrusting Encyphers, a reputable IT company specializing in web and eCommerce design and development, the objective was clear: a comprehensive overhaul of the website to reflect a minimalist design ethos while enhancing functionality for seamless user navigation and improved sales.


Shopify Store Design and Development

  • Strategy

    eCommerce Strategy (Business, Functional, and Technical), Email Marketing, Marketing Strategy, Ongoing Website Management, Custom Integrations, Website Audit and Optimization Strategy

  • Design

    Website UX Design and Development

  • Client

    State Mens Wear

  • Platform

    Shopify Plus

Open Project


Encyphers seamlessly integrated state-of-the-art functionalities into State Menswear's Shopify store, amplifying its user-centric approach. Leveraging the GetTimely appointment booking app, customers experienced a streamlined and intuitive scheduling system for barber appointments, enhancing convenience and service accessibility. This integration not only facilitated efficient booking but also instilled a sense of trust and reliability among patrons, ultimately fostering customer loyalty. Additionally, the implementation of the Search & Discovery native Shopify app brought advanced filtering options to the collection pages, empowering users to navigate through the product range effortlessly. With refined search capabilities, customers could pinpoint desired items swiftly, contributing to a more engaging and personalized shopping experience. This integration not only simplified the browsing process but also drove higher conversions by aligning user preferences with available offerings.

UI & UX Enhancements

The focus on UI & UX enhancements was pivotal in refining State Menswear's digital interface for optimal user engagement. The rebranding of the navigation bar to a full-width minimalist design was instrumental in decluttering the layout while enhancing ease of navigation. This transformation ensured a seamless transition across various devices, delivering a consistent and visually appealing experience to users irrespective of their chosen platform. Moreover, the meticulous execution of a mobile-first design strategy underscored Encyphers' commitment to prioritizing mobile user experience. By meticulously tailoring the interface for mobile devices before extending it to desktop, the team ensured that every interaction was intuitive, responsive, and conducive to effortless browsing. These enhancements not only elevated the overall aesthetic appeal but also bolstered functionality, significantly reducing bounce rates and improving user retention on the site.


Challenge #001

Aesthetic and Layout Overhaul

The initial hurdle lay in revamping the website's appearance to align with State Menswear's vision. This involved implementing a refreshed layout, changing banners to reflect the brand's ethos, and infusing a minimalist design language while ensuring it accommodated a diverse range of products.



Encyphers meticulously undertook the layout update, ensuring the implementation of a refreshed design that resonated with State Menswear's brand identity. They strategically changed banners to align with the brand's messaging and infused a minimalist design approach that seamlessly showcased the product range without compromising on aesthetics or functionality.


Challenge #002

Optimization and Functionality

The second challenge centered around optimizing the user journey, enhancing conversion rates, and ensuring a coherent and user-friendly interface across devices. This included rebranding the navigation bar for a full-width minimalist look, prioritizing a mobile-first design approach, optimizing single collection pages, aligning the Instagram feed with branding, and integrating appointment booking and search & discovery functionalities.




Encyphers executed a multi-faceted approach, rebranding the navigation bar to achieve a full-width minimalist design for a sleek and intuitive browsing experience. They prioritized a mobile-first design strategy, ensuring seamless navigation and functionality on mobile devices before adapting to desktop interfaces. The single collection pages were optimized for enhanced product display and user interaction. Aligning the Instagram feed with brand elements and integrating appointment booking and search & discovery functionalities enriched user engagement and streamlined the purchase journey.


The collaboration between State Mens Wear and Encyphers resulted in a transformative overhaul of the eCommerce store. The revamped website now exudes a sophisticated, minimalist charm, aligning seamlessly with the brand's identity. The clean layout and full-width navigation bar provide an intuitive browsing experience across devices, fostering increased user engagement.

The mobile-first design approach yielded exceptional results, ensuring seamless functionality and captivating visuals on smartphones and tablets. This responsiveness significantly improved user engagement, leading to a substantial increase in conversion rates.

CRO strategies implemented by Encyphers resulted in a noticeable surge in sales and improved customer interactions. The optimized checkout process and strategically placed call-to-action buttons enhanced the shopping experience, driving customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The integration of the appointment booking app and the Search and Discovery native Shopify app added substantial value. Customers can now effortlessly schedule appointments and benefit from enhanced product filtering options, resulting in improved user satisfaction and increased sales.

In summary, Encyphers' meticulous approach and expertise successfully transformed State Mens Wear's eCommerce store into a visually appealing, functionally optimized platform. The collaboration culminated in heightened user engagement, increased conversions, and an overall enhanced brand image, marking a significant milestone in the digital journey of State Mens Wear.

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