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Project Brief

Beyond Skate, a prominent Australian skate shop with a thriving online presence, sought to enhance its eCommerce store with Encyphers’ expertise. Challenges encompassed upgrading the store from Shopify 1.0 to 2.0, addressing theme compatibility issues, and integrating apps to streamline operations, including calendar bookings for skate lessons and clinics, inventory display solutions, and search and discovery functionalities.


Shopify Store Design and Development

  • Strategy

    eCommerce Strategy (Business, Functional, and Technical), Email Marketing, Marketing Strategy, Ongoing Website Management, Custom Integrations, Website Audit and Optimization Strategy

  • Design

    Website UX Design and Development

  • Client

    Beyond Skate

  • Platform

    Shopify Plus

Open Project


Encyphers meticulously orchestrated the integration of cutting-edge functionalities into Beyond Skate's Shopify store, aiming to elevate user interaction and streamline operations. Leveraging the Appointo app, customers seamlessly booked skate lessons and clinic appointments, facilitating convenient scheduling and enhancing customer engagement. The integration of the Search and Discovery app proved pivotal, offering advanced filtration options on collection and product pages, empowering users to swiftly explore and locate desired items. Moreover, the Retail Express app's integration facilitated a smooth inventory management system, enabling customers to effortlessly identify alternative variants of their preferred products in physical stores. This synchronized integration not only improved user experience but also bridged the gap between online browsing and physical shopping, augmenting customer satisfaction and loyalty.


The UI & UX transformation focused on maintaining a minimalist design while improving navigability and functionality.

Encyphers meticulously designed the user interface, prioritizing a clean and intuitive layout. The minimalist design approach was retained, ensuring a clutter-free browsing experience. The user-centric design philosophy informed every aspect of the UI & UX development, aimed at enhancing user engagement and satisfaction.

The team emphasized a user-friendly navigation system, employing a minimalist design language throughout the website. This involved decluttering the layout, utilizing ample white space, and ensuring a harmonious blend of typography and imagery. The goal was to create an uncluttered, visually appealing environment that encouraged exploration and facilitated easy navigation for visitors.

The responsive design strategy ensured the website's adaptability across devices, with a specific focus on mobile responsiveness. Encyphers prioritized the mobile-first approach, ensuring a seamless user experience on smartphones and tablets. Touch-friendly elements, optimized layouts, and simplified interactions were integrated to enhance the mobile browsing experience.


Challenge #001

Platform Upgrade and App Integration

The initial challenge revolved around upgrading Beyond Skate's theme from Shopify 1.0 to 2.0. The existing custom-made theme faced compatibility issues with Shopify's updates, impeding integration with essential apps like the search and discovery app and hindering the incorporation of newer functionalities and improvements.



Encyphers undertook a meticulous approach, leveraging the Shopify theme kit to tailor a design compatible with Shopify 2.0 architecture while preserving the minimalist aesthetic desired by Beyond Skate. Custom product pages were developed, maintaining the essence of the old theme's design while implementing innovative variations and API integration for inventory data, facilitating customers in finding physical variants of desired products in-store.


Challenge #002

App Integration and User Experience

The second challenge encompassed optimizing app integration for seamless functionality, including the Appointo app for calendar bookings, search and discovery app for efficient product filtration, and Retail Express app for inventory display. Coordinating these integrations while ensuring a streamlined user experience posed significant hurdles.




Encyphers executed a multi-faceted approach, rebranding the navigation bar to achieve a full-width minimalist design for a sleek and intuitive browsing experience. They prioritized a mobile-first design strategy, ensuring seamless navigation and functionality on mobile devices before adapting to desktop interfaces. The single collection pages were optimized for enhanced product display and user interaction. Aligning the Instagram feed with brand elements and integrating appointment booking and search & discovery functionalities enriched user engagement and streamlined the purchase journey.


The collaborative efforts between Beyond Skate and Encyphers yielded remarkable outcomes, transforming the eCommerce platform and enhancing user experience.

The transition to Shopify 2.0 architecture resolved compatibility issues and paved the way for seamless app integrations. The integration of the Appointo app facilitated convenient calendar bookings for skateboard lessons and clinics, enhancing user accessibility.

The implementation of the Search and Discovery app streamlined product searches, offering users efficient filtering options on collection pages. Furthermore, the Retail Express app integration empowered customers to explore alternative product variants physically, enriching the shopping experience.

The UI & UX improvements resulted in a visually appealing and user-friendly interface, maintaining a minimalist design while enhancing navigability. The mobile-first approach ensured optimal performance across devices, contributing to increased user engagement and satisfaction.

The customized product pages with inventory functionalities, along with strategic UI elements like the custom mega menu and brand-oriented landing page, amplified the website's functionality and user interaction. The CRO enhancements strategically positioned on the homepage led to improved user engagement and boosted conversion rates.


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