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Project Brief

In the collaboration between SHOPREVELRY and Encyphers, a multitude of challenges arose spanning various service domains. Crafting an effective Marketing Strategy demanded keen market insights and innovative approaches. Integrating Custom Solutions into their existing infrastructure necessitated meticulous coordination and technical proficiency. Developing a comprehensive eCommerce Strategy encompassing Business, Functional, and Technical considerations posed a unique challenge. Engaging customers through Email Marketing required strategic planning and personalized campaigns. Implementing the Headless approach demanded seamless coordination between frontend and backend. Ongoing Website Management was crucial for consistent performance, while Website Audit and Optimization Strategies aimed to enhance user experience. Creating a captivating Website UX Design and Development that catered to both B2B and wholesale audiences was yet another challenge. Encyphers addressed these intricacies, crafting tailored solutions to elevate SHOPREVELRY’s digital presence.


Shopify Store Design and Development

  • Strategy

    Marketing Strategy, Custom Integrations, eCommerce Strategy (Business, Functional, and Technical), Email Marketing, Headless, Ongoing Website Management, Website Audit and Optimization Strategy, Wholesale/B2B

  • Design

    Website UX Design and Development

  • Client


  • Platform


Open Project


Frankie4 embraced efficient e-commerce operations through strategic Shopify app integration. By seamlessly integrating apps like Klaviyo, yotpo, UFE Cross Sell & Upsell Bundle, dynamics 365 business central, boost AI search & discovery, Gorgias, Northbeam, Loop Returns & Exchanges, Matrixify, Rise.ai, Hotjar, power bi connector, and Back in Stock Frankie4 empowered its online shopping experience and optimized backend processes.

Customers benefit from personalized marketing, streamlined inventory management, real-time support, and enhanced user experience, while Frankie4 enjoys improved team efficiency and expanded customer loyalty. The seamless integration of these apps brought unprecedented success to Frankie4's e-commerce endeavors.


Challenge #001

SHOPREVELRY's eCommerce Challenges for growth

The collaboration between SHOPREVELRY and Encyphers posed diverse challenges that spanned multiple service domains. Devising an effective Marketing Strategy required a deep understanding of market dynamics and consumer preferences. Integrating Custom Solutions into the existing framework demanded seamless coordination and technical expertise. Crafting a comprehensive eCommerce Strategy that aligned with Business, Functional, and Technical requirements was a complex task. Engaging the target audience through strategic Email Marketing campaigns required personalized content and effective segmentation. Encyphers embarked on addressing these challenges, devising tailored solutions that paved the way for SHOPREVELRY's digital success.



Encyphers rose to the challenges posed by SHOPREVELRY's diverse needs with strategic solutions. A dynamic Marketing Strategy was developed, aligning with the brand's goals and market trends. Custom Integrations were meticulously executed, seamlessly connecting various systems and enhancing functionalities. The comprehensive eCommerce Strategy encompassed Business, Functional, and Technical aspects, ensuring a holistic approach. Email Marketing campaigns were optimized for personalization and audience engagement, driving higher conversions. Encyphers' expertise in these areas streamlined SHOPREVELRY's operations, fostering growth and success.


Challenge #002

SHOPREVELRY's Website design Challenges

In the partnership between SHOPREVELRY and Encyphers, a range of intricate challenges emerged across various service spheres. Implementing the Headless approach demanded seamless coordination between frontend and backend systems, ensuring consistent user experiences. Ongoing Website Management required vigilant monitoring, timely updates, and efficient security measures to ensure smooth operations. Crafting a Website Audit and Optimization Strategy called for identifying bottlenecks and inefficiencies to enhance overall performance. Developing an exceptional Website UX Design and Development required aligning aesthetics with functionality, catering to diverse user preferences. Lastly, accommodating the Wholesale/B2B segment demanded tailored features, streamlined processes, and secure access. Encyphers skillfully addressed these challenges, sculpting tailored solutions for SHOPREVELRY's digital excellence.



Encyphers adeptly tackled the challenges faced by SHOPREVELRY with strategic solutions. The Headless approach was implemented seamlessly, ensuring a consistent and engaging user experience across frontend and backend. Ongoing Website Management was optimized with automated processes, real-time monitoring, and efficient updates, bolstering site performance. The Website Audit and Optimization Strategy identified and resolved bottlenecks, resulting in improved efficiency and user satisfaction. Through meticulous Website UX Design and Development, a visually captivating and user-friendly interface was created, enhancing the overall digital journey. The Wholesale/B2B segment was catered to with tailored features and streamlined processes, elevating the customer experience. Encyphers' expertise in these areas led to SHOPREVELRY's enhanced digital presence and operational efficiency.


The collaborative efforts between SHOPREVELRY and Encyphers yielded remarkable results. The Headless implementation led to a seamless and engaging user experience, bolstering customer satisfaction. Ongoing Website Management optimizations translated to improved site performance, security, and efficiency. The Website Audit and Optimization Strategy generated enhanced site functionality and smoother user interactions. The meticulously crafted Website UX Design and Development enriched the platform's visual appeal, driving higher engagement and conversions. The tailored Wholesale/B2B features streamlined operations and customer interactions, fostering stronger relationships. Overall, Encyphers' expertise transformed SHOPREVELRY's digital landscape, leading to heightened user engagement, improved business efficiency, and a strengthened brand position.

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