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Remarketing. Improve the results of your campaigns

Remarketing Improve the results of your campaigns

Use remarketing campaigns to group your users and show them more relevant advertising according to their interests during their visit to your website. At Encyphers, we have Google certified technicians who can help you quickly and easily launch remarketing campaigns.

How does remarketing work?

The first step is to generate some labels that we must paste into the pages’ code to talk about the products or services we want to promote. Once this is done, we can create a banner or text ad campaign with relevant messages and offers for users who have already visited our website and have shown interest in any of our products.

What are the advantages of remarketing?

Remarketing campaigns allow us to make our promotional messages more related to the users’ interests to whom the campaign directed. The correct use of this online marketing technique will help us achieve a greater number of conversions and optimize our bids exclusively for users who have previously visited key pages of our site.

In addition to repeatedly contacting a user who has already visited our website, remarketing allows us to use various messages, improve our offer or show promotions different from those that this user initially saw. Sales, discounts, two × one or offer associated with a limited period usually work very well in this type of campaign and allow us to obtain much cheaper conversions than with other types of commercial actions.

Finally, it is also convenient to highlight the benefits at the image level that a remarketing campaign can generate in front of a user. For example, who repeatedly sees our advertising since our brand’s presence is magnified, which allows us to gain a lot of visibility in the face of our potential audience.

If you are thinking of launching a remarketing campaign, contact us. We will advise you without any commitment to the results you can obtain with this type of commercial activity and the costs or terms necessary to obtain them.

We are focusing on the challenges for our customers and the need to provide excellent IT solutions and services to maintain long-term relationships through outstanding flexibility. Encyphers vision is to excel in achieving the dreams and aspirations of their customers and make them a reality.

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