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H&M now has a metaverse store to let you buy clothes in a virtual world

H&M now has a virtual store in CEEK citylet you buy clothes in a virtual world.

H&M, a brand ranked among the top clothing companies worldwide, has created its presence in the metaverse. This company which upholds Swedish fashion values is known for creating accessible design clothes, and today it wishes to allow its customers to explore these at their ease! H&M plans on expanding further within the digital world of CEEK, making way for people shopping for digital content within it.

CEEK is a virtual reality metaverse unlike any other. Here users can connect with music artists, athletes, and other content creators from around the world in environments specifically designed for interacting and collaborating. Until recently, CEEK has been able to offer its users an entirely VR experience. However, H&M will now be bringing them one step closer to items that might complement their avatar’s style by allowing users to purchase products directly from within the space. H&M now has a metaverse store to let you buy clothes in a virtual world.

The storehouses a vast clothing collection from the brand.

The Store Houses a vast Clothing

Fans of H&M will be able to walk through its realistic new storefront on CEEK City and choose the clothing that appeals to them. Those clothes can become wearable accessories right inside the game if they so choose! While these items are only for avatar use, there is no reason why this same functionality couldn’t be implemented into a real-life context in the year(s) to come.H&M now has a metaverse store to let you buy clothes in a virtual world

Customers can make purchases in the store using CEEK coins let you buy clothes in a virtual world .

This last bit of the content indicates that the company may eventually extend the functionality beyond the game. Customers would be able to buy clothing items from store1 and have them shipped to their place of residence within real life – and they’d even be able to collect it at one of H&M’s flagship stores.

Response to metaverse store claims from H&M

H&M has officially denied the company’s involvement with this new store in CEEK’s City in the metaverse. In an official statement made by H&M, they stated that they played no direct role in its development beyond sponsoring the event.

Welcome to CEEK City in the metaverse!

CHEEK City in the metaverse

CEEK is building a marketplace where digital assets in virtual worlds can be sold, bought, and traded, which people can connect with directly. Artists, athletes, and other content creators will get more recognition for the work they do because CEEK offers them a new channel to get exposure. It works well for both fans and creators since customers will always pay more if they feel like they’re getting something that’s rare, while artists or athletic stars get their names out there without having to worry about giving up their rights to the content itself.

CEEK currently offers a range of immersive VR experiences, including a theater, concert arena, and more. End-users can use CEEK Token to purchase, vote for content, and so much more. CEEK VR can realize live performances of world-famous artists through this new platform, such as Bon Jovi, Lady Gaga, and U2.

CEEK’s NFT platform is designed to allow other industries to use NFT tokens – this way, it can be used within the music sphere alone. Additionally, the platform itself is highly scalable. It enables users looking for value to track and purchase NFT tokens from within their preferred Dapp browser at an affordable price due to a lower cost of service for providers.

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