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Zonos is at the forefront of simplifying the intricacies of international commerce through its cutting-edge technology, making it both scalable and accessible for businesses of all sizes. The company develops products that empower businesses to take complete control of their cross-border trade experiences. Zonos offers Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions that alleviate the challenges associated with cross-border trade by providing businesses with APIs and software tools essential for global scalability. Notably, Zonos boasts the market’s only true landed cost solution.

Navigating cross-border selling complexities is made easy with Zonos. The technology automates and simplifies the intricacies of cross-border transactions, ensuring businesses retain full control over their operations, data, and packages. With over a decade of experience in cross-border technology, Zonos aids retailers in expanding their global presence without falling victim to common pitfalls. Prioritizing the international customer experience is key to success in the global market. Zonos facilitates this by enhancing transparency and delivering a positive customer experience, driving repeat business and increased orders.

Zonos addresses various challenges associated with cross-border commerce:

  1. Reduce Rejected Packages: Zonos calculates, collects, and remits all duties, taxes, and fees tied to international orders. By allowing customers to pay these costs upfront, Zonos provides transparency on landed costs, resulting in faster customs clearance and minimizing the risk of rejected packages.
  2. Cross-border Compliance: Simplify cross-border selling with Zonos’ automated cross-border tax compliance, covering in-country tax registration, threshold monitoring, and precise calculation, collection, reconciliation, and remittance.
  3. Automated HS Classification: Ensure compliance with accurate product classification codes using Zonos Classify. Quickly and easily harmonize your product catalog or look up HS codes using product descriptions or images.

Zonos has experienced rapid growth, doubling in size annually since its inception as a testament to its success. The company has emerged as a leader in cross-border technology, aiding thousands of businesses in better serving their international partners and customers. Zonos’ team of industry and software experts is expanding globally, further solidifying its position as a key player in the cross-border technology landscape.