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miRi’s eCommerce Experience with Shopify

miRi, a prominent online home furnishings store based in the Netherlands, sought to elevate its online presence and transition from a third-party platform to a dedicated Shopify eCommerce store. Collaborating with ENCYPHERS,a versatile IT company offering web and eCommerce design and development services, miRi embarked on a comprehensive journey to rebrand, rebuild, and optimize its digital storefront.

Challenges Faced

1. Building from Scratch with a Minimalist Design

miRi, previously selling exclusively on “bol.com/nl,” lacked a dedicated website. The primary challenge was to build an eCommerce store from the ground up, incorporating a minimalist design that aligned with miRi’s aesthetic preferences and provided a seamless shopping experience.

2. Enhancing Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

To maximize the impact of the newly established Shopify store, miRi faced the challenge of optimizing the conversion rate. The goal was to convert website visitors into customers by fine-tuning the user experience and strategically placing calls to action.



1. Crafting a Minimalist Website

ENCYPHERS designed and developed miRi’s Shopify store with a clean, minimalist layout. The user-centric design ensured easy navigation and highlighted the cozy and comfortable home furnishings miRi offered. The shift from a third-party platform to a standalone website marked a significant step in establishing MiRi’s independent online presence.

2. Implementing CRO Strategies

ENCYPHERS conducted a comprehensive CRO analysis, identifying areas for improvement. The navigation bar underwent a full-width minimalist rebranding, ensuring a clear and compelling user journey. Mobile-first design principles were applied, followed by desktop optimization. All links, buttons, and functionalities were rigorously tested across devices and browsers, guaranteeing a seamless user experience and increased conversion rates.

App Integrations:

      Judge Me App for Reviews:

  • Challenge: miRi possessed a wealth of reviews on “bol.com/nl” that needed integration into the new Shopify store.
  • Solution: ENCYPHERS seamlessly integrated the Judge Me app, showcasing existing reviews and building trust among potential customers.

     Assortion App for Upselling:   

  • Challenge: miRi aimed to enhance upselling opportunities through bundles and additional product offerings.
  • Solution: ENCYPHERS integrated the Assortion app, enabling miRi to upsell by offering related products and enticing bundles.

     Search & Discovery App:

  • Challenge: Streamlining product discovery and filtering options for customers.
  • Solution: ENCYPHERS integrated the Search & Discovery app, improving the product search experience with advanced filtering options.

    Klarna App for Buy Now Pay Later:

  • Challenge: miRi wanted to offer flexible payment options to customers.
  • Solution: ENCYPHERS integrated the Klarna app, providing a “Buy Now Pay Later” option to enhance the purchasing experience.

    Triplewhale App for Ads Management:

  • Challenge: Efficiently managing and optimizing online ads.
  • Solution: ENCYPHERS integrated the Triplewhale app for effective ads management, ensuring targeted visibility.

    Klaviyo App for Email Marketing:

  • Challenge: Strengthening customer engagement through email marketing.
  • Solution: ENCYPHERS integrated the Klaviyo app, enabling miRi to craft personalized and targeted email campaigns.

    Webwinkelkeur App for Reviews:

  • Challenge: Gathering and showcasing customer reviews on the website.
  • Solution: ENCYPHERS integrated the Webwinkelkeur app, facilitating the collection and display of customer reviews.

UI & UX:

The overhaul of miRi’s Shopify store extended beyond technical integrations, delving into the critical realm of User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) design. ENCYPHERS placed a premium on crafting a digital space that not only showcased miRi’s home furnishings elegantly but also provided visitors with an intuitive and enjoyable journey. New landing pages were meticulously designed, leveraging dynamic content and meta fields to ensure each section of the website felt tailored to the user’s preferences.

A significant breakthrough was the introduction of add-on options, allowing customers to curate and build personalized packages. This not only empowered users to tailor their shopping experience but also added a layer of customization that resonated with miRi’s commitment to providing unique and cozy home furnishings. The UI enhancements embraced a minimalist aesthetic, ensuring that the design harmonized with miRi’s brand identity while prioritizing clarity and simplicity, leading to an interface that was both visually appealing and easy to navigate.

The mobile-first design approach and subsequent desktop optimization further emphasized the commitment to a seamless user experience across all devices. By optimizing the website for mobile users, ENCYPHERS ensured that miRi’s products were showcased elegantly on smaller screens, catering to the evolving preferences of a mobile-centric audience. The resulting UI & UX improvements not only elevated the aesthetic appeal of the online store but also contributed to heightened user satisfaction and increased engagement.

Impact on Customer Interaction:

The refined UI & UX of miRi’s Shopify store did more than enhance aesthetics; it transformed the way customers interacted with the brand. The new landing pages provided an immersive experience, guiding visitors through carefully curated sections that showcased miRi’s diverse range of home furnishings. Add-on options became a dynamic feature, turning the shopping process into a personalized journey where customers could create bundles that resonated with their unique preferences.

The minimalist design not only contributed to a visually appealing storefront but also simplified the navigation process, allowing customers to effortlessly browse through products and make informed purchase decisions. The mobile-first approach ensured that miRi’s offerings were accessible to users on various devices, aligning with the modern trend of mobile-centric browsing. In essence, the UI & UX enhancements went beyond aesthetics; they played a pivotal role in fostering a positive and memorable interaction between customers and miRi’s brand, ultimately contributing to increased satisfaction and brand loyalty.


The collaborative efforts between miRi and ENCYPHERS yielded remarkable results:

  • miRi established a strong independent online presence with a Shopify store.
  • A minimalist design and optimized user experience contributed to increased customer satisfaction.
  • Conversion rate optimization strategies led to a higher conversion rate and improved customer engagement.
  • App integrations enhanced functionality, from reviews and upselling to flexible payment options and targeted ads.
  • The seamless transition from a third-party platform to Shopify positioned miRi for sustained growth and success in the competitive eCommerce landscape.

The partnership between miRi and ENCYPHERS exemplifies the transformative impact of strategic eCommerce development and optimization. By addressing specific challenges and implementing tailored solutions, miRi’s Shopify store now stands as a testament to the seamless fusion of technology and design, creating an engaging and user-friendly platform for home furnishings enthusiasts.

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