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Responsive web design for all devices

The traffic that comes to our websites from mobile devices is increasing. Therefore, it is convenient for our website to detect measurements of the screen from which the user views our page and adapt its design. At Encyphers, we have designers and developers experts in responsive web design who can help you launch a website displayed correctly on all devices.

Main advantages of responsive web design

Previously, we used a single layout for all types of screens, which forced us to use the same page composition for desktops, laptops, tablets and mobiles. Developing mobile applications is undoubtedly an excellent alternative that allows us to adapt the interface to the range of measurements of the smallest screens. However, it is a different platform than the web, and the development cost is usually high.

All those who think of starting a web project and do not want, at least now, to develop an application for mobile phones or tablets. But need their page or store to be displayed correctly from all types of devices, one can consider using one responsive web.

What is responsive web design?

The application of responsive web design techniques to web development allows us to make the elements that make up the pages resize and reposition themselves depending on the device’s measurements that the user is using to view our website. It also allows us to change some elements for others so that the user experience is optimal and each text box, image or title has the weight that we want to give it within the body.

In conclusion, responsive web design allows you to develop websites and online stores displayed correctly on all devices. Therefore, despite having a higher cost than an essential website, they can be launched with a much lower investment than that required to develop a website and a mobile application.

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